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Each of Stanford's seven schools has diversity officers who can answer questions about graduate studies in their school.

School of Business

     Koryn Dillard,, (650) 497-4548

     Will Torres,, (650) 497-7985

Graduate School of Education 

       Eric Abrams,, (650) 724-2159

       Kim McCabe,, (650) 723-2115

Doerr School of Sustainability

     Lupe Carrillo, PhD,, (650) 724-6250 

     Isabel Carrera Zamanillo, PhD (847) 903-2819 

School of Engineering

     Luz Minerva Jimenez Ruvalcaba, 

     Gaby Velazquez,, (650) 497-1003

     Bethlehem "Betty" Aynalem, 

School of Humanities & Sciences

     Joseph Brown, PhD,, (650) 724-7437

     Steve Lee, PhD,, (650) 497-0547

School of Law

     Faye Deal,, (650) 723-0302

     Jory Steele,, (650) 723-6203

     Tirien Steinbach,

School of Medicine

     Amy Billizon, MPH, M. Ed. 

     James Harden

     Rahwa Abraham-Tesfay,, (650) 723-6274

     MD, MD/PHD

     Iris C. Gibbs, MD     

Community Centers

The Native American Cultural Center and El Centro Chicano y Latino have a specific graduate-student-focused staff member.  However, all community centers support the graduate student population.



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