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Grad Diversity Day prospective students

Graduate Recruitment and Diversity Day

A chance for prospective students from diverse backgrounds who have applied to Stanford to visit campus and see how they would fit at Stanford.

Previous Event

Virtual_GRAD Day 2020 - Friday, March 13th

We were happy to see some of you at the Virtual GRAD Day event on March 13th. For those of you who were not able to attend please find resources in the links below.

The Stanford Graduate Community and Academic Experience
Vice Provost Stacey Bent discusses the unique qualities of Stanford for graduate students.

Why Diversity is Critical to Excellence at Stanford
Vice Provost C. Matt Snipp describes the university's ongoing Presidential IDEAL Initiative to advance diversity, equity and inclusion.

Why GRAD Diversity Day?

We want prospective students to see that Stanford offers a combination of commitment, resources, and community to allow diverse students to thrive.

These activities are planned to help prospective students make an informed choice about graduate school selection.

What Will Happen?

The agenda for the day includes:

  • Meetings and meals with faculty and Stanford graduate students
  • Campus tours and special workshops
  • Talks with Stanford university administrators
  • Elegant reception hosted by senior leadership and the Vice Provost for Graduate Education Patricia Gumport

Key events happen on Friday, but you can also stay for the weekend. Additional time lets you:

  • Tour campus housing
  • Explore the San Francisco Bay Area

Information for Attendees

The on-campus event on March 13, 2020 was re-purposed as a virtual event. 

If you were registered to participate in 2020 GRAD Day event, please look out for a special message from the GRAD DAY Co-chairs and/or your department representative.


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